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7 Franchise Opportunities
  • 快时尚百货商场招加盟商

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Retail

    S$200K - 500K
    H&L将“物超所值”作为品牌的核心理念,将“持续给消费者创造超越期待的产品”作为企业目标,不断给消费者传递快乐和惊喜,这种质朴的品牌价值也因此赢得众多消费者的青睐,在过去三年中线下实体零售市场整体低迷的情况下,一举成为快时尚百货领域的领军者。 通过6000多款物超所值的产品,每天向全球超过100万人传递快乐和惊喜!
  • Eastern European Low-Cost Food Ai Platform Cooperation Chain东欧低价食品ai平台合作连锁

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Food and Beverage Distributors

    Under S$50K
    We are a group of people with 30 years of international trade supply experience. With the gradual deepening of human AI technology, we are forced to start a new international way. At present, we are the general agent of 30 food factories in Southeast Asia based on factories in Eastern Europe. We have established a low-cost food B2B/B2C platform with food safety as the first place, and provide buyer loans and logistics clearance on the platform. Network automation promotion, quantitative discounts and other services, we are looking for a one-stop wholesale distribution service partner in Southeast Asia to join us to share and utilize the advantages of AI technology. As of July 2019, this platform agent products are more than 100 years old brand factories, involving beer, birch drinks, biscuits, candy, cakes, snacks, canned fish, dairy products, honey, raw meat and other products. And it is constantly expanding the scope of product agents and the number of safe and reliable factories. At present, this product website platform is about to run, we hope that the food wholesale distribution in Southeast Asia can cooperate with us. please reply! Whatsapp: +375291999508
  • High Reputable Interactive Learning Playground

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Tuition and Enrichment Centers, Playgrounds

    Available On Request
    the City concept promotes design thinking though social interaction and is highly popular in the early childhood industry in Singapore since 2012. Since June 2019, there is no operation in Singapore however there are many enquiries for school visits, birthday parties and other gatherings from our regular clientele. We are looking for a partner who is passionate to make a difference, to inspire and promote creativity and social skills development for the next generation. this is a great business opportunity to invest in a successful concept. ABOUT US The City is an interactive learning playground that recognizes the importance of high-quality role play. Established in Singapore, The City intends to support children’s imagination and creativity by giving them a platform to do so – enabling them to transform themselves into Cooks, Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses, Policemen and many more while dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits. To further engage them, The City provides realistic environments and scenarios where kids can drive on mini streets, navigate traffic signs & lights and explore small-scale real-life locations, such as the supermarket, cafe, beauty salon, medical clinic and much more. WHY ROLE-PLAY? Scientific research shows that role-play engages many parts of the brain – facilitating sensory-motor integration along with cognitive, emotional and language development of a young child. When immersed in an environment designed to stimulate imagination and curiosity, a child learns through the best way possible: Meaningful Fun! EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS By encouraging children to role-play and interact with one another, they can: Improve their mathematics through budgeting and shopping with play money Explore language and phonics by learning new words, definitions and conversations Learn about the human body, nutrition, health, safety and hygiene Practice team collaboration to accomplish a challenge or solve a problem
  • Gene Mapping For Inborn Talents with Career Profiling

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Childcare and Kindergarten, Schools, Medical Clinics

    Under S$50K
    Mapmygene was founded in 2009 and our goal has always been to improve the lives of others through genetic testing. We strongly advocate the use of science for the betterment of our society as we have seen its benefits and know that it will help millions of people reach their fullest potential and enjoy a healthy and long life.
  • Own Your Cafe

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Coffee Shops and Cafés

    S$200K - 500K
    We invite you to own a prestigious international cafe brand and be your own boss.
  • Creative Mathematics Enrichment Program ( 5 - 12 years old )

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Tuition and Enrichment Centers

    Under S$50K
    The learning of Mathematics has always been a challenging task for many students. However you can make a difference! With our unique know-how, You can be part of our team to aspire students to greater heights in the learning of Mathematics.
  • Paint Protection System / Automotive

    Country of Origin: Singapore

    Business Category: Car Washes and Grooming

    We are looking for franchisee who are looking to explore the automotive industry. High growth and high profit margin. We will assist you in all marketing setup and how to market the services to your customers. Startup cost: $5000 SGD Product cost: $1000 SGD Easy operating business with backup from our Singapore company. FREE training for newly selected partners. Contact us @ +6581231638 (whatsapp) or email to clearcoatz@yahoo.com.sg

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